10 Fascinating Facts About Wool We Bet You Didn’t Know

Hello There! As winters mark their onset, we thought that it would be the perfect time to take you towards the journey of “ Wool”. Many of us have a lot of misconceptions about Wool which we would like to address today. So if you are someone in the fashion industry or someone who’s bread and butter is dependent on various fabrics or someone who’s just curious, read on to discover the journey of wool. We aim to clear all the preconceived notions about wool & are sure that by the end of this you’d become a complete wool-pro.


Myth1: Wool is associated with only Sheep

We bet whenever the word “ Wool” comes up you associate it with Sheep, which is NOT true as wool along with sheep is also derived from the other animals like alpacas, goats and camels!


Myth 2:

Wool cannot be made by human beings

It is possible for human beings to make wool, as the process of deriving wool is the scraping of fibrous hair from the hide of a mammal.

Myth 3:

Wool Fibres Do Not Stick Easily Together

Wool Fibres which are made of alpha-keratin can easily stick together! It is interesting to know that their cuticles form small tingles which create spots for a single fibre to easily catch onto another fibre as they are twisted.

Myth 4:

Clothes Made From Wool are recent

This is one of the common misconceptions in people as Wool dates back to as early as 3,400 Egyptians yarns & have been used in the fashion & clothes manufacturing industry since forever now.


Myth 5 :

The Process of deriving wool is easy

This is a huge myth as the process of deriving wool comprised of two parts as the wild sheep had a rough coat known as the kemp & a soft undercoat know as fleece. It was with time that sheep were selected more for their finer coat which is the fleece & lesser for kemp


Myth 6:

You have an itch due to Wool Allergy

The itch one feels in winters due to wearing wool is due to the thickness of fiber ends rather then we commonly call a “ Wool Allergy”

Myth 7:

Wool has no other uses than clothing

A large misconception amongst people, wool actually has it’s uses in the industrial field like piano dampers to absorbent pads.

Myth 8:

Wool can only absorb water

Wool being a paradox can both absorb as well as repel water.

Myth 9:

Wool is not environment friendly

Wool is actually biodegradable in nature and also water retentive making it environment friendly.

Myth 10:

Wool has no variety

The market is filled with a wide range of wool like Angora, Mohair, Aplaca, Vicuna, Camel, Lamb’s wool, Merino Wool, Cashmere.

We are sure that after reading these myths a lot of your doubts regarding wool would have been cleared. Now, let’s take you towards the journey of Merino Wool.
Merino Wool: Merino Wool sheep have their origins from Spain & the thing which makes Merino wool unique from other kinds of wool is that it is odor resistant. This simply means that one can easily wear Merino Wool for a long time without having to worry about smelling. Some reasons for choosing Merino Wool over other wools are:


Is Merino Wool Natural?

You’d be happy to know that Merino wool is a natural & renewable fibre, which means that a single sheep can produce four to five pounds of wool every year! Yes, you read that right. Also, as times has passed this fibre has evolved to make sheep comfortable in rough environments. Hence, it is a huge relief to choose Merino wool.

It Regulates Your Body Temperature

One of the best reasons of having Merino Wool as
your pick is the fact that it regulates one’s body temperature. What we simply mean by this is the fact that when it is warm outside, it keeps your body cool & when it is cold outside it keeps your body warm.

Dry & Sweat Free

One major fear which we all have is been sweaty and stinky in public.
Well you don’t need to worry about that anymore as merino fibres are porous in nature and hence keep one sweat free.


Who doesn’t want comfort? Infact comfort should be your number one priority. If
you are someone who cares the most about comfort then Merino Wool is your go to as it is super-smooth & super-fine. Unlike other traditional wool clothing where one is continuously itching, such is never an issue with Merino Wool.


Another excellent reason for using Merino Wool is the fact that is actually
fire-resistant and hence one does not need to worry when one is camping or having a bonfire scenario.


Another interesting reason for using Merino wool is the fact that it is
wrinkle-resistant. Let us give you an example. Imagine going on a holiday and packing all your clothes in a hurry. When you do that, one doesn’t want to land up on a holiday and be stressed with the hassle of ironing their clothes. Hence, Merino Wool is perfect for you.


Who doesn’t want value for their money? We bet you do. Did you know that
Merino Wool is six times more durable than cotton. Yes, you read that right. Hence, it would probably be the smartest decision to purchase Merino Wool.
Odour Resistant: All Merino Wool owners would be glad to know that it is odour resistant which basically means one doesn’t need to carry a fancy deodorant or perfume the whole day long and can be carefree. Another major plus point is the fact that one doesn’t need to be hassled with washing Merino Wool every time they wear it. It can be hung in the open & be ready to worn the next day. Also, merino wool is known for drying faster than your other fabrics.

Now, that we have made you a Wool “ Guru” as we’d like to call it, we have some exciting news for you. Marking the onset of the winter season, we are all set to dress you up from head to toe in our exquisite collection of Kashmiri Pashmina shawls and scarfs. Our finely embroidered Pashmina is definitely your latest affaire this festive season. It’s time to dress up & show the world who you are. You are elegant, graceful & worth a million bucks. You deserve nothing but the best. And we are here to dress you in the most graceful way ever.

 As you have learned some interesting facts about wool, you must know

How to take care of Pashmina Shawls 


Happy Shopping!

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