Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

The world as we know it is becoming more & more conscious of their actions now. This is great because it’s time that we started thinking about our surroundings more than our selfish needs.

There are several reasons for switching to sustainable products in the fashion and clothing industry. Social responsibility— ethical treatment of animals and protecting natural resources should be a motivator enough. People are getting more concerned and active in the environment and animal-friendly products.Read up more about how millennial fashion is changing with changing times

Quality Pashmina will not pill and will keep its form for years, even generations, getting softer the more it is used. Delicate fabrics like Pashmina should not be frequently washed. Whenever they do need to be washed, we recommend professional dry cleaning to maintain the fabric structure of the wool. The goats which are the source of Pashmina fibre may be sheared or combed, but research suggests that combing results in better yield and less “loss” due to goats injuring each other as they huddle for warmth in the last blustery winter days. Goats that are properly kept and combed should not tweak the conscience of even the most extreme animal protectionist. Pashmina has the potential to be a good renewable resource when properly managed. You need to look for the right Pashmina, Cashmere, or Merino product. Check out our shawls & scarves for women


Why Switch To Sustainable Wool Fabrics?

  • Synthetic fabrics could be considered plastic fabrics; they require numerous chemicals and solvents to create any type of synthetic fabric.
  • Pashmina is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and animal friendly. The fibre collection is totally different from other wool fibre collections. As a delicate fibre, genuine pashmina is obtained through the combing process, not by shaving the goat.
  • Merino Wool is a natural fibre that is biodegradable, environment friendly and excellent thermoregulators. Merino Wool is a natural and sustainable resource as it continues to grow each year after the annual harvesting of the fleece. Natural fibre clothing is made from natural materials that have been used to make clothing for thousands of years.
  • Natural fibre clothing is made from natural materials that have been used to make clothing for thousands of years.Kashmir Pashmina is the world’s most luxurious and thinnest fibre and its fabric is the most insulating fabric with amazing medical benefits especially for orthopedic patients.
  • Merino Wool has many properties that make it better than traditional wool. Some of the most important ones including Durability,  Odour Resistance, Ease of Drying, Ultra Softness & Regulation of body temperature.
     Hence, keeping in mind all the properties of Merino Wool one should choose it over traditional wool. Environmental impact is something that has become crucial to any educated individual & hence, one should use Merino Wool as it is a natural and sustainable resource. For more info on Merino Wool, read here.