Are you a Kashmiri Woolen Shawl owner? Do you want to know some ways to maintain your wool’s durability?  Well we know that for you it is utmost essential to care for your wool. These are some ways by which you can do it :


Air it Out


Unlike any other textile fibre, wool can refresh itself simply by hanging in fresh air. This saves energy and the time to walk to the dry cleaners. So while retiring for the night, just let your shawl relax on the couch and fold it in the morning. It’s a win-win! Check our super-smooth gents shawls

Roll in Tissue or Muslin Cloth


When you travel with your warm companions, loosely roll or fold wool garments with tissue paper to keep the fabric’s shape and avoid wrinkles. You can also pack them in a fresh muslin cloth also as the woollen fibre needs to breathe!


Professional Steam Iron


We highly recommend that you get your shawls steam ironed professionally at the end of the season or as per requirement to maintain their luster, freshen up your wool and increase its lifespan. Check out our beautifully embroidered shawls


Dry Cleaning Your Wool


We strongly recommend professional dry cleaning for our products. Dry cleaning once in 2-3 seasons is usually sufficient to keep wool garments in good shape. Unlike other woolen garments, shawls are especially delicate. Therefore, we do not recommend home washing them as this can cause shrinkage and distortion of the piece. Wringing a wet shawl can cause warping of the fabric so if absolutely necessary to wash your shawl, simply rinse it in cold water and flat dry in shade. Check out our finely embroidered woollen shawls & scarves here.

Do Not Use Perfume Over Your Wool


We do not recommend using perfume or body mist over our products. Wool’s natural characteristics generate a micro climate which makes it predominantly odor impervious. In case the shawl doesn’t feel fresh, it’s time for a trip to the dry cleaners.



You can use a soft garment brush for brushing your woolen shawl as dust and dullness damages the appearance of wool fabrics.


What we mean by resting is that taking a day off or giving a one day break to your wool before wearing it again. This ensures the wool fibre gets time to recover & come back to its original shape. 

Long-Term Storage

Your pure wool shawl requires your commitment in being cared for. All the food stains & oils of the body attract moths and hence one must ensure that their wool is clean before storing it in a soft muslin cloth. Remember, wool needs to breathe. 

Hang Woven, Fold The Knits

A rule which you must follow is to hang your woven wool garments while the knits should be smoothly folded.

Your pure wool shawl requires you to follow these steps in order to make this invaluable piece last for long periods of time. Hence, it is essential for one to follow these & maintain their Kashmiri Woolen Shawls & Scarves. Your commitment towards your garments show your love & value for money for your timeless wool garments.