We all like to follow trends and be updated, that’s why Pashmina stories also isn't falling behind on trends and is proud to announce the launch of a new product - A Multipurpose beach towel!!!! By the end of this blog, we are hopeful that you will include this product in your wardrobe. 

A beach towel or a fouta is a thin cotton or linen towel that was once used in Mediterranean countries. They are also known as Turkish towels.

They are thin and quick absorbent, thus making them a perfect companion at the spa, beach or gym.

They are soft and skin-friendly and can be used for babies as well.

They are lightweight, easy to carry and saves packing space.

They look better and larger than your regular bath towel as they come in various colours and patterns.

This multi-purpose beach towel is unisex, long-lasting and made with 100% fine cotton. Wanna know how to use this multi-purpose towel? Scroll down to know-how! :

Feeling cold? Wrap yourself with our product and use it as a blanket.

Use it at the beach or pool as a towel or spread and enjoy your sunbath!

Replace it with your regular bath towel and watch the magic of our quick absorbent product.

Enjoy your picnic with this unique and trendy spread!

Tie it on your waist above your swimwear, drape it like a sarong and have fun at your next pool party!

Carry it for a relaxing day at the spa and leave your worries behind with our ultra-soft product.

Burning the calories at the gym or outdoors, we have you covered!

Carry this lightweight product hassle-free, with our compact packaging anywhere and everywhere!

So hurry up and grab it now at


  • Anaya

    This definitely looks trendy

  • Tanya

    Wow! I really didn’t know that there were so many uses of this! Definitely buying one.

  • Natasha

    Oh! That was really informative, I didn’t really know all of these uses. Already in my cart !!

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