How to keep PASHMINA well cared for!

While owning a Pashmina shawl or even a scarf must certainly find a mention in your checklist, like every precious possession, it must be cared for with just as much effort.

Here are some super tips to keep your valuable Pashmina in top shape and well, most definitely for posterity!

The raging craze for Pashmina may have taken over Western Europe 200 years ago, when Napoleon gifted his wife Josephine one, urging her to own hundreds of them ultimately, but the Golden fibre of Kashmir has been a constant, way before, seen through the Mughal era in India. 200 years on, this fibre still holds the fashion fort across the globe and has held the spotlight on ramps, in luxury stores, and on celebrities around the world.

What is it about the Pashmina that brings copious privilege, swank and poshness to its ownership? To think that this elaborate art of weaving Pashmina has been taught and passed down from generations together is in itself awe-striking. Then we must revel in the glory of the fibre calling India it’s home.

The Pashmina owes its exclusivity to the fact that the process of procuring the fibre and creating sterling pieces of attire, is laborious and time-consuming. Derived from the Capra Circus species of goat in the Ladakh region, the tedious task of collecting naturally shed hair from these goats, trading them in Srinagar, where they are sold to pashmina weavers, and embroidered, is anything but a straight ride.

The dexterity and precision involved in crafting Pashmina pieces are what lends it the status of being legendary, heritage, expensive, and exclusive.

Having traveled through generations, eons, and centuries, Pashmina as an art has been well-preserved; Then preserving one of your own must be a gift to this heritage.


Some Golden rules for the Golden fibre!

A Break In Time, Saves Nine!

We know you love to flaunt your precious Pashmina, but like all fine things in life, Pashmina needs a break too! Allow your shawl two-three days’ rest after every use. Let the pristine freshness revive itself, the weaves lighten up, and the wrinkles shed off.

Don’t Let The Pill, Kill The Frill

Just like woolens, in rare cases, or when used roughly, even Pashmina might pill. But because of its organic nature, pilling on Pashmina needs to be handled with care and patience. Avoid easy-breezy brushing. Instead, remove pills with hands. Send it to the cleaners for professional steam ironing. The shawl keeps its luster and brightness that way!

Style It Safe!

When picking your Pashmina with pride, to wear for a special occasion, we understand the urge to accessorize it emphatically. The tip is to style it in a way that your jewelry, bag, thickly embroidered attire, or any metallic surface does not rub against the Pashmina aggressively. The delicate fibres of the shawl must not be rubbed by anything sharp. Remember that your shawl is your most fabulous accessory!


Clean It Right

The best way to preserve the sheen and beauty of a Pashmina is to keep it clean. The rule is to

  1. It’s highly recommended to get the Pashmina dry cleaned by a professional cleaner.
  2. Hand wash Pashmina in cold water only. High temperatures can result in shrinking, warping, weakening, and dulling of the fibres.
  3. Never dry it in a clothes dryer. Prefer to flat dry it on a clean and smooth surface instead of hanging it on a line. Don’t wring or twist it. Dry it in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Follow the no bleach rule.
  5. Never wash Pashmina in a washing machine.

….And Clean It Less

We understand your zest to keep your Pashmina clean, but going overboard with frequent washing can result in quicker wear and tear and loss of freshness. So keep washing to the times when it has to be stored or if an unforgiving stain finds its way on it.

Iron Pashmina? Really?

Honestly, ironing Pashmina isn’t something that is done as a practice. If you love your Pashmina enough and fold it neatly, hang it on a hanger covered with muslin, the wrinkles will fall out on their own. But if you do need to iron it, cover it with a cotton sheet and iron on low heat. Alternately, after a couple of years of use, you may want to get it steam ironed by a professional cleaning service.

Don’t Let Anything Dampen Your Pashmina’s Spirit

Dampness, sunlight, and leakages are harmful to Pashmina. To ensure that you’re able to hand this heritage piece down to future generations,

1. Store it in a tissue paper wrap or a muslin bag, far far away from dust and dampness.

2. Once Winter bids goodbye, it’s a good idea to clean Pashmina products and then store them, so you find your precious Pashmina as good as new the next season.

3. And yes, keep naphthalene balls and cakes for the woolens, but not for Pashmina.

Show your Pashmina some love and make it an heirloom piece to be cherished for generations after….

Now because you have Learnt how to take care of your precious possession Pashmina, you must also clear your head about the Myths around testing the original Pashmina 

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