Is Women millennial fashion changing with the changing times?

Is Millennial Fashion For Women Changing With Time?

Hello there! If you are reading this blog chances are that you are a millennial fashionista who is curious about the ever-changing millennial fashion out there! Now, if you are this so-called “ Clueless Person” you’d be happy to know that you are not going to be clueless by the end of this! Yes you read that right, we will be covering all of millennial fashion in this blog!

So who exactly are millennials?



Millennials are people ranging from the age of 18-35, which is basically the youth of a place/country/region. Now, what is interesting is that everything about a place is somehow linked to the youth residing in the place & hence today we will talk especially about “ Millennial Women’s Fashion”. Millennial fashionista women are women in the age-group of 18-35 who are constantly experimenting with fashion & trying to establish an individualistic look.



How has Millennial Fashion changed over the years?

Within a span of 10 years, there has been a huge shift in millennial fashion. Earlier, millennial fashion was wearing what everyone was wearing. Most of the youth had limited options & hence stuck to the “ so-called popular” brands. However, the new decade has been a game-changer. 2020 is a revolutionary year as it has been a year of social media. With the tremendous rise of social media, the youth is now exposed to all sorts of options to mix & match and create their unique style. One is far from restricted to one or two options. The recent years have also taught individuals to create a unique self to be able to distinguish themselves from others.








What are the latest trends in Millennial Fashion for Women?

If you’re a fashionista, budding Instagram blogger or someone who is forever curious about women’s millennial fashion, then this is the place for you. Let’s talk about some latest trends in millennial fashion for women.


What we mean here is that fashion is something which is free-flowing. It is a form or a way to express oneself rather than being old-school and restrictive.


There are no rules for millennial fashion anymore! It can range from a simple oversized hoodie to mixing & matching your fav blazer with our Pashmina Shawl.


We live in a world filled with billions of people & each of us are truly unique. What makes it interesting is that we have a unique story for each of you to tell, whether it’s traditional or millennial. Link:

Bold & Fierce

Let’s do an interesting comparison. Let’s compare fashion with your coffee. Just like your steaming hot, fierce and bold coffee your style should display a strong sense of who you are. Millennial fashion is for those who are unafraid of expressing themselves & are bolder than the boldest.

Mix & Match

Millennial fashion is all about mixing & matching and creating a unique you, which distinguishes you from others. A creative representation of the same would be pairing your Jhumkas with ripped jeans & style the look with our Pashmina Shawls.Check Our Reversible Shawls

Where Can I find the Perfect blend of Ethnic & Western?

If you are a trendsetter, this is one of the questions your mind wouldn’t have missed. Well, you are in luck as we are your one stop online store for all your needs. Our finely embroidered range of shawls, scarves and stoles are the perfect blend of tradition with elegance. Whether you are planning to wear your Little Black Dress or your Favourite blazer, our sophisticated shawls & scarves complete every outfit of yours. Let us discuss some interesting combinations which we provide.

Indo-Western Outfits

 Going for a function but don’t want to go all Indian? You do not need to worry as our exquisite collection of  Reversibles are your go to!


 Need your outfit to be perfect for a formal occasion? Pair our Treasure Collection with your semi-formal blazer and make it a look to remember.


Feel like dressing up as an ethnic beauty? Our amazingKani Woven pashmina shawls are breathtakingly beautiful

Western Wear

 Have a plain dress lying in your wardrobe? Glam it up with our Aari Chain Stitch Embroidery pashmina Shawl.

Winter Fashion

 Is winter fashion even complete without our super fine & super smooth Cashmere Scarfs?

Are Shawls & Scarves Popular Amongst Celebrities?

If you are a millennial who’s looking for celeb inspiration, we have good news! Pashmina shawls & scarves have been making a style statement since centuries. If you are wondering about some marvellous celebrity looks in Pashmina, we have a list for you.

Jennifer Anniston

Popularly known and loved as “ Rachel Green” from the popular series “ Friends” is a celebrity who has been spotted in Pashmina several times.

Angelina Jolie

The timeless & every so sexy Angelina Jolie has been spotted in classic Pashminas showcasing her love for elegance.

Swara Bhaskar

The oh so adventurous & millennial sensation “ Swara Bhaskar” is a true & unique beauty who has been spotted in Pashmina for her various movie looks.

How can I establish my unique fashion style?

It is rightly said that, “ No one is you & that is your power.” If you are someone who is constantly striving for newness & to create your own magnificent style, we have tons of fun ideas for you.

Be ready to experiment

 Pick up our gorgeous Handloom Shawl & pair it with your favourite pair of black jeans along with some street jewellery & complete the look using aviator sunglasses.

Do not play safe

Always remember that a person who plays safe, is never able to step out of their comfort zone & hence be ready to mix your western clothes with our Pashmina stories Shawls. It’s all about making your own rules.

Always be confident

  You know you can rock any look & you know it very well. It’s time to play dress-up and experiment from our unique range for you.

Love Fashion

 For you to emerge out as uniquely as possible, it is essential to have an undying love for fashion. As it is your undying love which will help you look like the best version of yourself out there!

We at Pashmina Stories believe that fashion & you go a long way. Fashion is something very personal to you & a sense of freedom. Hence, our range of exquisite Kashmiri fine shawls & scarves are exclusively for those who are bold & beautiful. Our collection is made from the finest merino wool & is perfect for the authentic you.

You are beautiful. You deserve to show the world who you really are. Let us help you find your perfect Pashmina Shawl & let that be your game-changer. Remember that those who want to change the game, don’t need to play by the rules. It’s all about challenging the rules & creating a space for yourself wherever you go. Carrying forward a legacy of creating an individualist & beautiful you, we go a long way hand-in-hand. On that note, happy shopping & happy dressing up.

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