#KashmirKiKali: Let us take you towards the journey of luxury and elegance

#KashmiriKiKali: How Kashmiri Shawls & Stoles Are Symbols Of Grace & Elegance

The Mughal Era was one of its kind because it was the era which brought us the luxurious &
the ever so elegant Pashmina Shawls & scarfs. King Akbar can be called as one of the first
endorsers of hand-embroidered Pashmina. Hence, it is of no surprise that Kashmir is
renowned for its Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls. Mughal emperor Akbar was also presented
these exquisite shawls to the queen of England. This blog is for the all the Shawl lovers out
there for some tricks, tips & hacks on how to slay the #KashmirKiKali Look.

But Where did the word #KashmirKiKali come from?

We bet you have heard the oh-so-famous phrase “Kashmir Ki Kali” several times since your
childhood. What’s interesting is that this word originated from the popular Bollywood
movie “Kashmir Ki Kali” in which the actress was seeing wear the beautiful Kashmiri attire &
ever since then we have been in total awe! After this popular movie in the 90’s it was every
woman’s dream to look as beautiful and dreamy. Well, you’re in luck because by the end of
this, you will be able to achieve your dream! Yes! You read that absolutely correct.

Dal Jheel, view of heaven, kashmir
The view of heaven witnessed from Dal Jheel















Why is Kashmir So Famous for Pashmina?

Blend of warmth, felt when you are cozy in pashmina shawl with Kashmiri kawa by your side
Kashmiri Kawa with Pashmina shawl

To become a “KashmirKiKali” let’s walk you through the basics. Pashmina shawl is made
from the hair of goats or as we call it Pashmina goat. The reason why Pashmina fabric is so
expensive is due to the requirement of three goats for one single shawl. What makes
Pashmina shawl & scarfs so popular is the super-fine embroidered work done by skilled
artisans. We are sure that while reading this you must have already thought about owning
your very own Pashmina! Let’s address some questions which you have in your mind now.

Can I buy real Pashmina Shawl Online?

We live in a world where it is absolutely impossible to trust everyone out there. However,
with the establishment of Pashmina Stories in the early 1964 & having earned the reputed
Woolmark License in 1989, makes us a hundred percent authentic. With the evolving times,
we have also evolved and made the process of purchasing a Pashmina extremely convenient
and easy. You are someone who deserves complete authenticity & the taste of exquisite
Kashmiri Pashminas. Visit our website to buy Pashmina Shawl Online now & get access to
our great offers!

Which is the most appropriate/well-suited Pashmina for You?

We realize how much you value your Pashmina, and hence it is extremely important for you
know which one is perfectly suited for you. Well, to answer your question, we have
segregated our collection as per your age & preferences to determine your perfect pick.


If you are bold, fierce & experimentative, we assume you fall into the millennial
category! Well our Reversibles would glam up your outfit and make you shine from
everyone else! Check Our Exclusive Piece Now


If you are someone who believes in “Indian Ethnic Beauty”, then we
recommend our finely woven pashmina Kani Shawl. The finely embroidered work is
something which will be your new love affair these winters. Click On Our BreathTaking Traditional Piece


 Let us guess. You are somebody who believes that you deserve the BEST. Well, we
agree with you & hence our pick for you is none other than our Treasure Collection, to truly
cherish the treasure that you are. Check Out Our Royal Piece


 For the gentlemen who is the classic example of gentle, kind and taking the
good old-school way. We would strongly recommend our 13.80 Micron Wool Shawls for
you. Check Out Our Chivalrous Collection




How can Pashmina Shawls & Scarfs help my various looks?
If you are a trendsetter or a budding blogger there are numerous ways in which you can use
our Pashmina Shawl & scarfs to glam you up. For more info on Scarfs, read:


Yes elegance is the first step towards fashion. We know you want to give off an
elegant vibe in whichever outfit you wear & that. Is exactly what our shawls do for you.
Royalty: Who doesn’t want to look like royalty? Especially if you are an Instagram blogger
don’t you want your followers to go gaga over your IGTV videos? Well, then playing dress-
up with our shawls & scarfs will be ideal!


You are someone who’s bold and beautiful. You are also someone who never
likes to play it by the rules. It’s time to experiment your clothes with our collection and see
the magic! By being bold one is also showing the world how fashion is non-restrictive. To
know more, read:


It is one’s grace which helps them overcome everything in life. Our exquisite
collection is the epitome of grace which will make people notice you wherever you go. We
believe that one should own the place and stand out wherever they are! Hence, its your
time to shine on with grace now.

I want to recreate the Kashmiri Look. How can I do that?

2020’s is all about recreating the past. If you can’t travel to Kashmir, our exclusive collection
can make you time-travel there indeed. If you are someone who wants to recreate the
Mughal era or just simply try different Kashmiri looks, our range of varied shawls and scarfs
are perfect for you! Here is a list of looks you can try out:

Kashmiri Actress

 We know that you have always dreamt of looking like stunning beauties
from Kashmir. Well, this is your chance to play dress-up and achieve the same. With our
numerous range of Shawls & scarfs you have the chance to recreate multiple Bollywood
looks and emerge out as the goddess which you truly are!

Kashmiri Bride

We have all been in awe of Kashmiri brides since childhood. Here, is your
opportunity to achieve the same and take stunning photos for your social media! It’s time to
show your fans what you really are capable of. So take out your “ Out-of-the-Box” side and
begin now!

Kashmiri Vibe

Are you someone who has always just been fascinated with Pashmina
Kashmiri Shawls but didn’t know how to imbibe it. Well, put on your winter wear & drape
You are young, eternal and timeless. We come from a place where we realize what fashion
means to you & hence our magnificent collection with bright hues and shades of joy is what
distinguishes you from the rest of the world. In a world of billions, we know you are looking
for something which makes you unique. Well, you are in the right place as our flamboyant
range is for those of you who have never played by the rules. It is for those fearless
individuals who have made the society follow their rules. Our finely hand-crafted collection
is your way to show you off with panache to the world. Our finely embroidered Pashmina,
Merino Wool & Cashmere are waiting to be worn by you. On that note we’d like to say
Happy Shopping! Keep Visiting us.

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