Hello there! With this blog, we present tips about styling and the uses of printed stoles, (all-season style). We will definitely give you a reason to add this collection to your cart.

Our store provides you with trendy prints that include the animal print for the bold you, simple prints for an elegant look, and contrasting prints to brighten up your look. 

How to style!

Style  1: Expand your wardrobe with this must-have <3

One printed stole can be draped in various styles to give you a new, different, and unique look every time you wear it.


Style  2: Say goodbye to dull and boring outfits!

Style our printed stoles to add color to the primary and plain clothes. 

Style  3: Add visual aesthetics.

Printed stoles definitely are a cherry on top of your outfits as it adds more to your look.


Style  4: Flirty and Fun


Wear printed stoles with cute dresses and skirts and show off your fun side. A good option for your dates, Don't you think?

Style  5: A plethora of colors


Pashmina Stories has various colors for you to choose from, you will be able to find your perfect match! Explore our printed collection to see all the designs.


Style  6: Big and Bold


With our collection of animal prints, bring out the bold and feisty side of you. You can wear them at work to bring out your boss lady attitude.

Style  7: All occasions


From everyday wear to special occasions, you will find all kinds of printed stoles here.

Style  8: Soft and Sweet


Shop our light and pastel colors to create a simple look!


Style  9: Accessorize your bag


You can style your bag with these stoles to add an element to your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day).

Style  10: Edgy


 Add unique prints to your outfit to give an edge to your look.


Style  11: Wear it all year round


We have printed stoles for all seasons, be it the scorching heat or shivering cold weather.

Style  12: Showing off


Wear your scarf around the body area you want to highlight or bring attention to.

So, What are you waiting for? Add your favorite stole to the cart and buy now - only at .


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