Scarf – Your Better Half!

Scarf – your better half

Hello there! October marks the onset of your favorite season, that is winters. We can see you smile across the screen as you read this because the onset of winters is the beginning of your very own journey towards being a winter fashionista. Winter fashion is just like you which is the epitome of elegance, class & sophistication.  Winter fashion is like none other as one can experiment with numerous accessories & make their own unique rules.

It is rightly said that “ Be like snow, cold & beautiful.” Now you must be wondering how you can create the perfect style statement for 2020. Well, that’s what we’re here for. Keep reading to find out about how you can stand out & have the best winter aesthetic. You are in luck as this blog is your chance to become a “ Scarf Diva” as we call it!  

Millennial fashion for shawls, Scarfs and Stoles in pure Pashmina, Cashmere and Merino wool
Millenial fashion

Okay so for starters, everything in fashion should be covered with intricate detailing which means one must be aware of what all is out there & how one can make the best possible use of it to look & feel like the best versions of themselves. This blog is your complete guide on scarves. We assure you that by the end of it, you’ll be a scarf-pro! 


How it All Started!

Since you are on your way to becoming a shawl pro, it is essential to know about its origin. The initial recorded instance of a scarf is linked to royalty. It goes up to as early as 350 BC during which the Egyptian queen wore a finely woven scarf for the first time! A lot of top-notch celebrities like Audrey Hepburn & England’s royalty Queen Elizabeth had adopted scarves as a part of their daily dressing, making them spectacularly popular worldwide.

Why are scarves the style statement for centuries?

Being a fashionista, we are sure you must have had questions like, “ Why has a scarf been a part of the fashion industry since forever?”  “ Does wearing a scarf actually symbolize something more?” Let’s find out!

Scarves being a unisex accessory have been a part of the fashion industry for centuries! And here are a few awesome reasons why!


An accessory that can be worn by both sexes & styled in numerous ways! Yes, you read that right! A scarf is not restricted to a specific gender, unlike other clothes and accessories.

Heroic Appeal:

Remember those movies which you have grown up watching which showed actresses driving & covering their head with a scarf? Well, scarves have always been symbolic of heroic appeal. Many popular actresses still carry scarves & sunglasses with themselves to add a heroic aura to their look.


Believe it or not, but a man with a fine scarf & a tux has always given the image of a gentleman like none other! The legacy still carries forward & hence scarves are an epitome of chivalry even now. Check Our Men Shawls Now


Which scarves are trending in 2020?

Bright Scarves:

Be excited you all as purple, scarlet, red, lemon, emerald & sky blue are the trending scarf colors that need space in your wardrobe in 2020! 2020 is all about bright hues mix and matched with your outfits to create a lit vibe. Check Our Geometrical Shawls Now

Long & Thin Scarves:

There was a huge misconception in the past due to which people believed that long & thin scarves are usually for older people. However, this is not true as long & thin scarves paired with your favorite jacket is the look of the year!

Oversized Scarves:

With oversized scarves wrapped around your neck, with your all-time favorite leather jacket marks the style statement for 2020! 

Knitted Scarves: Throwback to your good old school days, when scarves knitted with the love of your grandmothers were worn and appreciated. Well, you’d be happy to know that these scarves are back in fashion. So take out your ripped jeans & pair them up with your knitted scarves.



What are the different ways in which I can wear scarves?

We’ve all thought about it & we’ve thought about it every winter. The common question being, “ Can I wear this scarf in another way to change the look?” However, we just end up wearing our scarves in a particular way & keep pondering. Well, today is your lucky day as today we will tell you all about the unique ways in which you can wear your scarf & recreate multiple looks.

The Braid Way:  

One needs to fold their scarf into half & place it around their neck. Now, one needs to take the loose ends of the scarf & pull them past through the loop making sure not to pull it very tight!

The Cowl Way:

In this, you simply need to place your scarf around your neck in such a manner where one end is way shorter than the other end. After that, you must wrap the long part of the scarf around your neck twice & tuck into the loose ends.

Classic Loop Way:  

Just as the name suggests, this is an all-time classic technique in which one needs to fold the scarf into half & put it behind their neck, and get both the ends to the front. Now, one must pull the loose ends amidst the loop.

The Shawl Way:

Are you a shawl lover? Well, you’re in for a treat as you can use your scarf as a shawl now! This is one of the easiest ways in which one can drape the shawl around their shoulders & let it hang down.

Turtleneck Way:

Do you love turtleneck sweaters? Well, you can now make your scarf into a turtleneck by following these steps. Simply place the scarf evenly around your neck. Followed by that loop one end of the scarf around your neck & repeat with the other end! Check Our Super-Soft Cashmeres

Kashmir is known for pashmina shawls & royalty including kings, queens have been the patrons of Pashmina Shawl & scarves for centuries. Carrying forward their legacy we are excited to bring you a wide range of Pashmina Shawl, Scarves & more.

informative image
Kashmiri Shawl

We are now delighted to announce our exquisite & exclusive range of Kashmiri shawls & scarves for you. Made from the finest quality of Cashmere and ultra-fine Merino Wool, we bring to you our varied range of shawls, scarves, and stoles in different weaves, embroideries, and styles. Our embroidered Pashmina shawls & scarves are finely hand-crafted to create your unique fashion story this winter season. We believe that you are unique & you deserve something as unique as you. It’s time to immerse yourself in the festivity & join our royalty tribe. 

We believe in evolving & hence with the changing times we have decided to make your life easier. You are now one click away from owning your very own Pashmina. Our fine range of pashmina embroidered shawl & scarf is finely hand-crafted to create your unique story through the richness of our Indian culture. We believe in traditions & we strongly value them! To carry forward the legacy & move towards the journey of the royalty.

By now you know how much important are these precious possesions are, so you must also know How to Take care of Pashmina Shawls 

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Happy Shopping!

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