Surrender to the Summer

Make summer your favourite season with our printed summer collection. Who says stoles cannot be used in summers? Don’t trust us? Well, let’s change that thought!

  • Shape it to drape it-Instead of using the stoles in a boring manner why not accessorize and have fun with it, try using different styles to drape. 

  • Hair up or down?- No matter what we have got you covered! Use it as hair accessories like hair ties, hair bands, and bandanas and style your hair.

  • Bring out the fashionista in you- Try making a different top every time out of your scarf.

  • Your bag seems too blah? Why not accessorize it too!

  •  Let’s belt it! How about using a scarf in its place!

  • Glam up! Use the scarf as an accessory like a bracelet or a neckpiece.

  • Bring it to the pool- Wrap it around the waist on top of your swimwear like a sarong.

  • Travel-friendly- Why should celebrities have all the fun? Get your airport look! Style it for a trendy look or wrap it around for your in-flight journey.

  • Beat the heat by using it as a sun protector for your head and face.

  • Guests coming unannounced? Set your coffee table with our multi-use scarves as a tablecloth.

  • We believe God is one, whether you are going to a temple, gurdwara or masjid use our scarf to cover your head or as a hijab.


We hope we have changed your thoughts about summer and stoles as a combination and we hope to see you shop

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